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Food & Novelties

Bio-based Packaging

Packaging plays a very important role in food product.  It serves as protection, containment, convenience and also communication. Packaging protects the product inside against deteriorative effect of environment such as moisture, oxygen and light exposure, physical damage and microbial contamination.  Some product type e.g. water, oil, grains, and cooked pasta are impossible to be transported … Continue reading »

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Jagung, si tampan kaya manfaat

Siapa yang tidak kenal jagung? Tanaman pangan ini salah satu tanaman pangan terpenting di dunia setelah padi dan gandum.  Berbagai negara di dunia menjadikan jagung sebagai sumber karbohidrat utama seperti di Amerika Tengah dan Selatan.  Sedangkan di Amerika Serikat juga menjadikan jagung sebagai sumber pangan alternatif.  Di Indonesia sendiri, beberapa daerah seperti Madura dan Nusa … Continue reading »

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Protein — The Benefit to Human Body

Proteins comprise the complex muscle system and the connective tissue network, and they are important as carriers in the blood system. All enzymes are proteins; enzymes are important as catalysts for many reactions (both desirable and undesirable) in foods. When we eat foods that contain protein, the body breaks it down into amino acids. These amino acids are necessary for … Continue reading »

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Food Security in Indonesia

Food is always be an important topic to discuss in its relationship with human existence as it is one of the basic need to live.  Fulfilling the need for food has also been a parameter of how well-developed a country is. ( “Food security” is defined as a state of affairs where all people at … Continue reading »

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Breadnut & Rawon Sustainability

Rawon.  One of the favorite food in East Java. It is a kind of thin soup, contains beef with its typical dark brownish black color.  Very rich tasting traditional food, the soup is made of ground spices cooked with some oil untill the aroma comes out.  The spices then put into boiled stock and added … Continue reading »

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